Why Foam is the Best Choice for Outdoor Cushions

Homeowners who want to invest in outdoor furniture cushions should get acquainted with the many benefits offered by foam. Foam makes a great cushion material because its design features an open cell structure that is meant to be durable and sturdy when used in outdoor areas with a likelihood of the cushions getting wet, either from high humidity or rainfall.

Cushions made of outdoor foam have another distinct advantage over other materials. They will dry off almost immediately after being exposed to rainfall, snowfall, salt spray from the sea, morning dew or after being washed to remove surface grime and dirt. Foam cushions tend to dry within a few minutes of any type of exposure to humidity or moisture, dramatically reducing the likelihood of mold and mildew growth on cushions that remain damp.

Choosing outdoor foam replacement is the best option for economically upgrading outdoor cushions. Foam is not only a very comfortable material when used for seating purposes, it can be shaped to custom fit any type of seating area, from patio chaise lounges to folding chairs, wicker chairs and the seats aboard boats and golf carts.

When using foam to replace previous cushions in any outdoor locations, simply keep a few things in mind to achieve the perfect fit. Be certain that the foam is slightly larger than the cushion cover so that the foam will fill out the cover properly. It’s a good rule of thumb to add one inch to the cushion’s width, length and depth according to The Foam Factory.

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