What does iCloud locked mean?

The giant tech Apple has come up with extremely useful Find My iPhone tool quite some time before, but its functioning got better with the introduction of iOS 7 version iCloud lock. This simply means that if your iPhone, iPod, or iPad gets stolen or lost somewhere, you can just wipe it distantly with Find My iPhone and no one else other than you can access the device without entering the iCloud password.

Activation lock makes it very difficult for a thief or just anyone to use or sell the device, if it truly doesn’t belongs to them. This has certainly put a stop to the sale of lost or stolen iPhones, iPads and iPods. With the Activation lock set, you need to login with your Apple ID and passcode before anyone can switch off the Find My iPhone tool of our device and sign out of the iCloud account on your iPhone.

iCloud Locked

With iCloud locked, your iPhone holds very little value to the thieves. After all, the burglars cannot sell it or use it as a full- fledged phone. And the fact, that it is locked should alert the potential buyers that the deal isn’t worth to make.

It’s not a new thing that online sellers and second stores sell you the iPhone without providing Apple ID and passcode much required to enter the iPhone device before using it. This feature helps greatly in securing your phone data. The iCloud lock application is the biggest tool to jeep your data secure even at the time of theft. That’s true, no one expect you know the login detail and take advantage of the data store on your gadget.

iCloud unlocked

However, for some reasons, if you forget your login details, you can make use of iCloud lockedunlock tool and get everything back. The tool is certainly the best thing when it could unlock the iCloud lock on your iPhone. With the help of this tool, you no longer have to rush out to the Apple store and face the trouble of filling long forms. All you need to do is sit on your computer and just follow the steps and easily get rid of iCloud locked unlock.

You don’t have to spend a single penny. The tool is just available for everyone and anyone can download it online to unlock the Activation iCloud lock on the iPhone at any point of time, they want.

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