Digital Marketing Essentials

Are you a small business owner or a start-up looking to find out more about how to use digital marketing to promote your business? It can be daunting if you don’t have any experience in this area but at the same time, digital marketing has never been such an integral part of launching and maintaining a successful business.

When people want a product or a service, one of the most common ways for them to find that service is online. Even if they go into a shop to make the actual purchase, they will do online research to find out more information prior to this. So any businesses that do not have a strong digital marketing strategy will be immediately missing out on potential business leads.

However, taking those first steps into the world of digital marketing can be nerve-wracking and at times really confusing. Should you pay a team of experienced marketers to help you out? How much should you be willing to pay? Are there cheaper options available? When you have a limited budget you have to get that balance right between what you can achieve yourself and what you need help with.

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Starting off with websites, how much you spend on this can range from nothing to thousands of pounds. However, if you are a small business with a small budget then you will be looking for solutions at the lower end of the available options. So you might be interested in free hosting providers to do this. Or if you need something a bit more professional, maybe you will be better suited to a shared hosting plan. You can get hold of a basic package for less than £2/month which will give you the basic foundation to get started.

Then you have to think about the set up of the website. Are you comfortable with setting up a website using the tools that the host provides or are you going to need some assistance with it? Web developers can be expensive so sometimes you are better to try and learn the basics yourself or perhaps there is someone else within the company with a good technical background.

Social Media and Email Marketing

Having a website alone will not generate as much traffic and conversion potential as having a range of different marketing techniques. Social media is a very popular way to attract followers and it is free to set up a business page on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. It does take up a fair amount of time to create regular, high quality content so again, you might want to look at whether you pay someone to do this or do it yourself. Getting up to speed with latest social media trends can take time, so sometimes paying a freelance social media expert to do a few hours each week could work out better than doing it yourself.

Email marketing is also a very effective way to promote your business and services so make sure you have a strong email marketing strategy as well.

Remember that social media and email marketing should be used in conjunction with your website to drive more traffic. However, obvious plugs for your business will not impress, you need to get creative and ensure that you are appealing to something that followers and email recipients will find of use.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is fast becoming the channel that marketers are putting most of their marketing efforts into. And the beautiful thing is, creating and editing videos has become easier with the technology that we have at our fingertips. Anyone with a smartphone can create a basic video or share a live stream. As long as you have a good idea of the type of video content that will convey your business in a professional way, you could really benefit from video marketing. Again, there are freelancers that can help you to create an engaging video if you don’t know where to start with this.

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