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How To Know If You Have Anger Issues

We all get angry from time to time. Even the most ardent practitioners of positive thinking occasionally snap at a rude cashier or become frustrated with a challenging personal situation. While it’s normal to experience anger from time to time, it’s not normal to be perpetually angry or to experience episodes of rage that are so severe that you’re left cleaning up the mess for days to come. Here’s how to know if your anger isn’t normal and if you might be a candidate for online anger management courses.

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Your Rage Is Constant

People with healthy anger levels aren’t angry or irritated throughout the day. Instead, something negative has to happen for their anger to be triggered and minor irritants aren’t usually enough to trigger their rage. If you find that you’re constantly angry, to the point where you’re fuming more than you’re calm, you might have anger issues.

You’re Constantly Apologizing

Not everyone who suffers from anger issues has cartoonish episodes of rage. Sometimes, people with anger problems manifest their rage in rude, short or curt comments. If you find yourself constantly apologizing for the things you’ve said, anger issues might be to blame.

You Don’t Feel In Control When You’re Angry

People with healthy anger levels may occasionally yell at someone or become overtaken with rage, but they usually remain in control of their actions and anything they say is deliberate. If you lose control when you’re angry and don’t feel like you’re choosing your words and actions, you may very well suffer from rage issues.

Your Friends and Family Members Fear You

You don’t have to be violent for your loved ones to fear you. No one likes getting yelled at, which is why the loved ones of people with anger issues often feel like they have to walk on eggshells around the person struggling with constant rage. If those close to you live in constant fear that they might be the victims of your rage, you are a very good candidate for anger management.

No one should have to live with the crushing weight of anger issues. If you feel like anger and rage are constant unwanted components of your life, it’s time to seek help.

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