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5 Social Networks For Students To Get Academic Help

With the growing use of social networking sites like Facebook and twitter, the methodology of education for students is finding new and improved ways. Students are getting more prone to the commodities these platforms offer. Therefore this advancement in social networking platforms is providing students with much better options to engage with their contemporaries, enhance their skills and access a wide variety of academic tools and resources which will most definitely add up to their convenience.

Enlisted below are a few social networking platforms that offer a wide variety of student friendly tools and assistance to help them academically.

1. Docsity

Docsity is a free social learning network for university and high-school students. It offers a platform for its users where they can engage in activities like sharing study related materials, counseling or simply connecting through a vast network of existing users from around the globe. Within the small timespan of two years, more than 600,000 students registered for the website and they use the website on daily basis. The website offers user generated contents in 7 different languages including Italian, English, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Serbian and Portuguese. The website is directly operated from its respective regional head offices thereby providing a direct approach to the users. Docsity also has its free application available for all android and iOS devices. The website also has a dedicated 24/7 support team to assist the students in their matters.

2. StudyBlue

Studyblue provides its student with a different approach towards studies. It offers an interactive way of studying where students get to create and animate flashcards. The website currently has about 1.5 million study content authored by the students. The website also conducts different quizzical campaigns for the students and tracks the progress of its users.

3. Chegg

If Mathematics is troubling you or you need a special assistance in any other course, or if you are just looking for some resource materials to gain more knowledge, Chegg is the answer to your queries. Chegg offers a very interactive way to the students looking for answers to the distressing questions. They can ask questions directly from the academic experts through their vast network. It also offers a unique service to connect its users to their friends on Facebook.

4. Lynda

Lynda is again a very renowned website worldwide. It offers a huge variety of study material and online video tutorials that help you learn different softwares, languages, business, creative skills and much more. Lynda’s tutorials are well known for their quality and are equally helping for the learners.

5. Sophia

Sophia offers its users with a unique way to have interaction. It builds a strong connection between students and renowned teachers from around the world. Sophia offers a number of free tools and services to the teachers, which literally transforms the way of teaching and helps in the provision of superior quality of services to its users. The website is suitable for students of all ages, either it be a student of middle school or an undergrad, Sophia has stored a lot more for its users to achieve their educational goals.

The advancements in technology have always proven to be beneficial for students. And with social networking platforms advancing, they are playing their role to facilitate the students with their needs.

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