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Blessed to be a user of TinyOwl

We humans can forget everything in life but can’t forget to have food and water. It’s because they act as the fuel of our engine. Till the time we don’t add on the fuel, it will work with too much of disturbance. Rather, one should eat when their stomach asks for food rather than killing it totally. Irrespective of one being a rich or poor, they will consume their food on time else they would end up in a mess. When we don’t have time to cook food for ourselves or when we don’t know how to cook food, there are canteens, restaurants and homemade food services that are helping hands for us to satisfy our craving towards food. But it is tedious to walk down to a restaurant when you are latched on with loads of work. So why not simply give them a call and ask for the food of your choice? They will deliver it to you with the cash on delivery payment mode. But what if there are various other services available at your ease? Wouldn’t you accept the same and proceed using it? It’s the online food order system which is available in the market for your feasibility and flexibility. The communication cost is reduced to zero because it is all on few taps of screen. Menu of the restaurant is available online with the same costs as that of the restaurant. For earning the better perks one can use the discounts and the offers available for you. Also there are genius minds who are planning to come up with the online restaurant food ordering system where people can book the seats for them when they leave home. Also they can check if there are seats available in the hotel and accordingly select one. Once you are in the restaurant, all you got to do is, order the food from the phone. This reduces the paper usage and acts as an eco-friendly system. Once you ask for a bill using the system, within a fraction of few minutes you are checked out from the table, and the seat turns to be vacant.


TinyOwl is the very first mobile food ordering system where people can order the food of their choice and their favourite restaurants. HarshVardhanMandad wanted to create a direct connection with the audience so was the reason to come up with a food ordering system. The traditional system was quite boring for people to order and since the people are influenced with the technology, the team thought of evolving a new technology as well. This food ordering system allows people to filter the cuisines and it will display the nearest restaurants using the GPS. The GPS tracker allows you to access the nearby restaurants. All one would need is an internet connection for the same. The order history is automatically tracked when you order the food. The next time you wish to have the same food, you can drag the navigation toolbar and tap on the order history. Also there are various payment modes available for you according to your availability and feasibility.

Personal review:

“I am in Pune and new here by say just few months. Initially, I used to face difficulties when I arrived here for satisfying my hunger. Daily consuming restaurant food wasn’t possible for me at all with regards to my health and money. I am working and need to save money for rent as well. So once, my colleague asked me to ask for few homemade services available. I called one or two but they were never regular. I always had to call them and that created a mess. Thus, I landed up on this application and believe me the experience was amazing. I have been using the service of homemade food since moreover a month. I just had to enter my lunch and dinner timings and the food was delivered to me always on time. Speaking about the cost, it’s reasonable. If I can’t pay few times, I add it on to the next few days till the time I get my salary or borrow it friend. They don’t mind the same. I found the perfect homemade food service and glad to be a user of tinyowl. Thank You”

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