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Vacation planning

No one will argue the fact that family vacations can be expensive.  From travel expense to food and lodging, the costs can add up when it comes to planning a successful vacation.  This had given rise to the concept of stay cations, vacations that allow you to stay in town.

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Utilizing the Hotel Accommodations

One of the easiest ways to take the cost out of a vacation is by taking advantage of many of the amenities that are provided by the hotel.  You’ve already saved on transportation costs by booking a hotel in town which makes room in the budget for booking a nicer hotel with more amenities.  Take advantage of the swimming pool, the gym, movie rentals, and any free meal offers.  Most nice hotels have enough amenities to keep you both relaxed and entertained.  This type of quick and easy to plan vacation can give you much needed rest and relaxation away from the stresses of your job as a utility pole supplier.

Take Advantage of Attractions Nearby

Most hotels are located near many restaurants and entertainment venues.  Take advantage of the close proximity to food and entertainment.  If there is a mall or movie theater nearby, a family outing that makes going to the movies a focal point is a great way to enjoy the day.  Even a simple outing like a trip to a nearby mall and a nice family lunch are both excellent ways to create inexpensive ways for a family to enjoy each other’s company and be entertained.

Plan a Wild Card Day

Most family vacations are spent take advantage of activities as a family unit, however, it’s ok to plan a day where each family member can do whatever they want to.  Mom may not be interested in going to see that teen horror flick, just as Dad may not want to spend hours in the mall shopping for clothes, let everyone off the hook by planning a day where each family member can do their own thing.

Staycations can be just what the doctor ordered when funds are low but the family is still due a vacation.  Take the leap, in your own city, and explore the many different ways that you can still create a pretty impressive vacation without spending large amounts of money or having to fly or drive far away.  The money saved can make that fancy in-town hotel more affordable, not to mention the nice amenities that many hotels have inclusive in their pricing.  Most hotels are located near plenty of restaurants and entertainment which translates into fun for everyone, without the stress of having to drive far away.

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