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3 Great Pieces of Concealed Carry Fashion

It isn’t always easy to hide your gun from the public. With concealed carry clothing, however, the task isn’t quite as difficult as it used to be. Here are just three articles of clothing that will look great in your wardrobe while also serving a critical purpose for you as a gun owner.

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  1. Shirts

You’re probably familiar with concealed carry shirts. They offer little straps and compartments on the sides of the shirts where your weapon can be safely tucked out of sight; they look a lot like regular gun holsters except their storage capability is built right into the fabric of the shirt. Some concealed carry tops might be more comfortable than others, especially if you’re a woman, so it’ll be up to you to figure out which ones are right for your frame. If one method of carry doesn’t work for you, try another. There are plenty of shirts for experimentation.

  1. Shorts

Concealed carry shorts come in two varieties. Some are literally board or biker shorts; you can pair them with a t-shirt and sneakers, and no one will suspect that you’re actually strapped. The other kinds of concealed carry shorts are actually underwear. They look like regular boxer-briefs, but they have straps where you can fit a gun close to your body. Again, no one will suspect that you’re carrying.

  1. Outerwear

“Outerwear” describes everything from vests to jackets, so you’ll have plenty of options if you’re looking for this type of concealed carry clothing. Vests are probably the most flexible; since your arms aren’t trapped by any fabric, your draws will be quick and silent. On the other hand, there’s something to be said about jackets and coats that conceal your gun; thanks to their naturally baggy fit, it’s almost impossible to detect a gun inside their lining.

These are just a few pieces of concealed carry clothing that are both fashionable and functional. Not only will you look like a million bucks, but you’ll also feel powerful and confident with your firearm just a few inches away.

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