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Cybersecurity: Combating the Cyber Criminal

In our digital world, cybersecurity is crucial to keep personal and company information safe from threats. Most personal computers have programs and antivirus systems to protect the typical user, but larger companies and organizations need to invest in solid cyber incident response planning to ensure the protection of their data. Response planning helps companies develop a focused strategic plan when dealing with security threats. Read on to learn about the types of cyber threats that these systems battle.

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Cybersecurity Threat Actors

When discussing cybersecurity, a threat actor is a person or people that causes malicious impacts on the security of a company or organization. Motives for threat actors can be political, personal, criminal or propaganda-driven. While the motive may differ, the effect is to damage an organization by attacking its own network. Types of threat actors include:

  • Organized Criminal Circles
  • Government-sponsored Groups
  • Propaganda Hacktivists
  • Company/Organization Insiders

Cybersecurity Attack Vectors

Using material called attack vectors, threat actors can exploit a system’s vulnerabilities, allowing them to compromise an organization’s network and access confidential material. These attack vectors are the key that unlocks the vulnerable door of a network, allowing malicious material to infiltrate. Attack vectors used in cybercrime can include:

  • Phishing emails with links or attachments
  • Viruses and worms
  • Pop-Up windows
  • Malware and ransomware
  • Advanced persistent threats (APTs)

When threat actors use their vector of choice to infiltrate a network, the damage can be catastrophic. When compromised by cyber threats, companies can see a disruption in their ability to efficiently do business due to data loss. If a company’s client information is accessed, this information can be released to the public, and if the threat actor is successful in their attack, these impacts can lead to the collapse of a company or organization.

By having a cybersecurity plan enacted, companies and organizations can take control of their networks to ensure the protection of themselves and their clientele.



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