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Beach Safety Tips for Galveston

You’ve planned for months for this vacation, and you’re ready to hit the beach. Before you hop on the shuttle from Hobby to Galveston, take some time to read these beach safety tips.

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Remember Your Sunscreen

Put on sunscreen with a rating of SPF 50 at least 30 minutes before going out to the beach. Even if it is an overcast day, you are still in danger of getting a sunburn. Re-apply the sunscreen after two hours and after getting in the water. Not only are sunburns painful, but you also increase your risk of getting deadly skin cancers later in life. Do not forget to cover harder-to-reach areas like the backs of your legs and the back of your neck. A broad hat provides additional protection to your eyes and face.

Know Your Limits

If you cannot swim, do not go into the water. You never know when a strong wave might knock you over, or where the beach has a sudden level drop. Do not go far out into the water if your swimming experience only involves lazy days in the backyard swimming pool. Ocean currents are powerful and require skills beyond that of casual swimmers. In addition, waters near piers may contain rip currents. Avoid drinking alcohol while at the beach because that may impair your judgement.

Swim With a Buddy or Lifeguard

Don’t swim alone. If you have a sudden cramp or catch a rip current, someone needs to be nearby to help. Make sure that there is a lifeguard watching your area before you swim. If there is no lifeguard, check with the local police department to be sure that swimming is still allowed. At minimum, have a buddy with you if you go into the water.

It’s time to have fun on the beach. Stay safe with these tips and go home with great memories.

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