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Best Ways to See America

The USA is a popular tourist destination for people around the world, and its vast expanse holds treasures that will appeal to all. From natural wonders like the Grand Canyon to human achievements like the Chicago skyline, America has something for everyone. But there is so much ground to cover, how is one to experience it all?

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RV Rental

Take part in the great American pastime and drive a recreational vehicle. Since the RV is your transportation and your hotel room, it is a very efficient way to travel. Determine the size of RV you will need based on your group size and necessary amenities. Choose something large enough to be comfortable but small enough to maneuver in and out of all the destinations on your itinerary. Include locations that are famous around the world such as New York City and San Francisco but remember to get off the beaten path sometimes too. In Texas, kemah rv sites provides a location close to big-city attractions in Houston and beach town fun in Galveston.

Tour Group

There are almost as many guided tour options as there are places to see. Spend 10 days hopping from one highlight to another via airplane or spend a month being chauffeured in a private van. Explore the northern route from coast to coast and you will be treated to the Great Lakes, Yellowstone National Park and the towering redwoods of the Pacific Northwest. Take the southern route to lounge in warm waters along the Gulf of Mexico and see the stars in Hollywood.

Train Trips

Passenger trains are a great way to see the country. Night travel is an efficient way to cover ground while you sleep and daytime travel affords you beautiful scenery with no traffic-related anxiety. A short two-week trip can whisk you from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific to see the highlights, but a more leisurely month-long holiday will allow you to enjoy more stops and stay at each one longer.

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