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Surround Yourself Artfully

Being surrounded by beauty can help alleviate stress, increase productivity and improve cognitive function. In other words, art is good for you. How can you surround yourself with art every day? Include it in your everyday spaces.

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Living rooms, bedrooms and bonus rooms are ideal spots to showcase art. Create your own or buy handmade paintings online to suit your personal tastes. Interesting statement pieces just need a good background and proper lighting. Collections of smaller items, such as travel souvenirs or your grandmother’s vintage silver will benefit from an enclosed shelving unit. Ideally, find display shelves that will allow you to look at the treasures while protecting them from dust and breakage. If you have a gorgeous view—of a city graced with great architecture, or the natural splendor of shoreline, mountains or flowery meadows—install huge windows that invite the beauty in.


When you hear the phrase “yard art” you may picture tacky pink flamingos or kitschy gnomes, but artwork can be included in every yard. Classically inspired fountains and sculptures can be part of a formal garden. More natural water features such as miniature waterfalls or koi ponds suit more rustic or casual spaces. Artfully landscaped gardens run the gamut from ornate European styles to the serene asymmetrical balance of Asian landscapes. Whatever style you choose include a seating area or two that allows you to enjoy different parts of the yard at various angles.


Workplaces often come with guidelines defining what is acceptable but there can be a great deal of latitude within those parameters; almost everyone can find something they love to include in their office décor. It helps to start with a well-designed, comfortable space that encourages camaraderie while still providing privacy when necessary, but even if you are stuck in a cubicle you can surround yourself with photos of loved ones and soothing nature scenes. Two rules: keep things tasteful and only include images that make you smile.

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