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Steroid cycles on strength and endurance (… better with Deca)

Powerlifters, wrestlers, extreme sportsmen and representatives of other power sports are primarily interested in increasing working sports indicators. Steroid pharmaceuticals allow you to quickly step over the power plateau, to achieve impressive achievements and sports records.

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Tasks and principles of strength training

The main goal of the cycle is to increase the level of red blood cells in the blood, which are responsible for the delivery of oxygen to all internal organs and tissues. Against the background of oxygen deficiency, the body loses its ability to work for a long time with minimal loss of strength indicators, endurance and reaction rate.

In fact, any of the steroids can work to increase strength, but due to a number of side effects, this effect can be leveled. Therefore, it is advisable to buy deca in USA and also include drugs with a minimal “side effect” for ligaments, joints and water balance in strength courses. These drugs include:

  • Oxymetholone;
  • Winstrol;
  • Boldenone;
  • Nandrolone;
  • Masteron.

Testosterone can be called a universal remedy, it is used in combination with the above steroids.

It is forbidden to conduct a course on endurance without preliminary physical preparation. The preparatory phase includes:

  • ligament training – serves as a prophylaxis of sprains and tears against the background of increased physical activity;
  • exercises to strengthen the heart muscle – the functional and physical abilities of the athlete’s body are directly related to the work of the heart.

Of the auxiliary agents, it is recommended to use chondroprotectors, insulin , arginine, antioxidants and Clenbuterol for blood supply to the muscles.

The course is suitable both for increasing strength indicators and for effective drying. Propionate has moderate aromatization, so the use of aromatase inhibitors is not required. Tamoxifen at the stage of post-course therapy will help stabilize the hormonal balance and resume the secretion of testosterone.

Testosterone propionate as part of the course will help maintain a smooth androgenic background. Thanks to the use of short esters of this drug, the athlete will be able to avoid the so-called “hormonal pit” between the end of the cycle and the start of post-course therapy. Winstrol can be used instead of Masteron , but the latter is a safer analogue, does not dry the contents of the joint bag and helps to avoid injuries. The combination of these two steroids gives a synergy effect, and in addition to increasing strength indicators, a significant increase in muscle mass will be observed – at least 5 kg per course.

Beginners are recommended solo endurance courses, but only if they are in good physical shape and preparedness. Lightweight steroids are suitable:

  • Turinabol in a dosage of 40-50 mg per day for 5 weeks;
  • Oxandrolone dose of 50-70 mg per day for the same period.

Strength sports training will consist in working with large weights and reducing rest periods between sets. To increase overall endurance, running as an aerobic load should be included in the program.

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