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‘Connect Chancellor’: Telangana Announces COVID-19 Writing Competition For College Students

The Telangana State Council of Higher Education (TSCHE) has announced ‘Connect Chancellor’ programme, an opportunity for students of State universities to write articles, stories and poems. The platform aims to bring out creativity, innovation, and novel ideas among the Higher Education students in the state.'Connect Chancellor': Telangana Announces COVID-19 Writing Competition For College Students

As part of the programme, all students of State Universities in Telangana studying graduation or above courses have to write an article/paper on any one of the suggested topics. The list of topics is available on TSCHE. This list is only illustrative in nature and not exhaustive. Students can choose to write on any other topic which is relevant to the contemporary society.

The topics suggested by TSCHE, all revolve around COVID-19 and its prevention. Some of the suggested topics include, ‘COVID-19 The Impact and role of mass media’, ‘Online Education during outbreak of COVID-19 – A Way Forward’, and ‘Economic Impact of COVID-19 – A case study of India’.

Students who wish to participate in the programme will need to send their paper via email or WhatsApp by May 10, 2020.

The article should be written in English, Hindi, Telugu or Urdu and should not be more than 3000 words with an abstract of 250 words.

The submitted articles would be evaluated on the freshness of idea, novelty of contribution, and the ability to stimulate interest of the reader. First three best papers in each of the languages will be awarded INR 15,000 for the best paper, INR 10,000 for the second best paper, and INR 5,000 for the third best paper.

Participants will also have to include a disclaimer with their paper that it is their own work, based on personal study and/or research and that all sources have been duly cited. They will also have to declare that the paper is not completely or partly plagiarized.

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