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Anjeer Benefits For Constipation I Drink Anjeer Milk For Healthy Digestion

The cold climate of the winter season comes with its own set of health issues. Besides the usual cold and cough, constipation is another problem that is faced by many people. The whole-sole reason behind our digestion taking a hit in winter is not because of the dip in the temperature, but because we don’t hydrate ourselves enough with water; also there is a decrease in physical activities, and we do tend to overeat, especially heavy foods. (Read: fried and sweet foods).<i>Anjeer</i> Benefits For Constipation I Drink <i>Anjeer</i> Milk For Healthy Digestion

If you have also been suffering from poor digestion, try to improve your diet and consume certain foods that actually help aid digestion. Anjeer (or fig) is one food that is suggested by health experts to combat constipation. It is a kind of fruit that comes from a tree called Figus.

Anjeer has long been used in medicinal remedies to manage not just constipation, but also cough, asthma, diabetes and hypertension. Its multi-pronged benefits help us achieve overall sound health. Health practitioner and nutritionist, Shilpa Arora talked about the benefits of anjeer, “Figs are rich in soluble fibre and phytonutrients, along with iron, copper, magnesium and calcium and vitamins. Soak some figs overnight and blend with a glass of water or milk to treat chronic constipation.”

Although there are many ways you can consume anjeer, anjeer milkshake is one of the tastiest recipes you can make, which you can also serve to kids. You can either make a cold milkshake or hot anjeer milk.


Figs are recognised as an aphrodisiac fruit because of their texture and aroma

1. Cold Anjeer Milkshake Recipe:

Soak 5-6 figs in water overnight. Drain water and put the figs in a blender. Add one glass of milk, sugar or honey, 2 drops vanilla essence, and blend everything together. You can top the anjeer milkshake with shaved almonds, pistachios or raisins.

2. Hot Anjeer Milk:

Soak 5-6 figs in warm water for at least 30 mins. Boil the figs in water for around 10 minutes. Boil 11/2 glass of milk and add sugar if you want to sweeten it. Remove anjeer and let it cool or wash with cold water. Then grind the anjeer with some water. Add the anjeer paste to milk and boil the milk again while stirring continuously. Your hot anjeer milk is ready.

These recipes will make 1 glass of anjeer milk. Adjust the ingredients according to the quantity you want to make. Get relief from constipation with these healthy and delicious drinks.

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