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Rajasthani Makki Dhokla Recipe – Replace Regular Dhokla With This Snack In Winters

There are not too many healthy options when it comes to Indian snacks; dhokla is of the few ones that also taste great. The Gujarati snack is enjoyed in households all across the country like their own. We all make dhokla with either besan or sooji. But do you know what do Rajasthani people make it with during winters? Makki ka atta! Yes, the same atta you use to make Punjabi-style makki ki roti that accompanies the winter-special sarson ka saag.Rajasthani Makki Dhokla Recipe - Replace Regular Dhokla With This Snack In Winters

Makki ka atta (maize flour) has a distinct nutty taste that makes this dhokla a delicious snack. In fact, makki dhokla is also sometimes had as a main meal when served with Rajasthani kadhi or dal. Some people like to make it simple with a lot of spices, while some add vegetables to it. Peas, spinach, fenugreek leaves and radish are some of the popular choices. You can even pour tempering made of curry leaves, mustard seeds, whole red chillies etc. and pour over this dhokla. In Rajasthan, special papad khar is added to the recipe, but you can also use baking soda instead.

Maize flour is rich in fibre and is known to provide lots of energy to the body. Eating foods made with this flour also keeps you warm from within and helps brave the bitter cold weather. The best part about makki dhokla is that it is very easy to make; don’t let the long list of ingredients scare you, once you have gathered all the ingredients, making the dhokla is very easy.

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